Friday, August 28, 2009

A New Game

See if you can guess who this childhood photo is of?......she is a famous movie actress, she was one of the highest paid actresses of the 1990s, her first movie was shown in drive ins and was a sci-fi 3 D classic......she also worked in the soap opera, General Hospital..she's been married 3 times...she went on to make 46 movies.......

My friend sent me a page of childhood photos of famous people and I think it would be fun once a week to post one and see if you can guess.....

The person who wins will get this cute little set of dog magnets....if no one guesses, this prize will be added to the following weeks and will end in every Friday for the next few weeks, please join in the fun

sorry, this is just for USA readers.....postage is just too high for me to mail overseas.
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