Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogger is acting up again...I've tried to click on some of my favorite links and it won't let sorry fellow bloggers....

I have a confession to I get older, I am getting hooked on games! Especially the ones on Facebook......chiefly, Farm Town, Farm Ville, Yoville and Farkle......too much time spent there and I've had to do some self control.......glad these weren't around when I was younger! I don't really use my Facebook for anything else.....but it has been wonderful to link up with some dear old friends whom I haven't talked with in over 25 years...odd thing is, its like we never were I have some family member there too, several nieces and two nephews, two SIL...who we don't see very often as we are 2,000 miles apart....there is some good in such social sites when family and friends can and good will have no boundaries..
Yesterday after all the gardening, Alan and I sat on the porch swing and watched the honey bees come to the bird bath to drink and carry water back to the was very interesting watching them and we took a few photos

We watched them for quite awhile......quite fascinating actually.....we both feel so close to God in the garden....the wonders of tiny things......

All nature’s works His praise declare, to whom they all belong;
There is a voice in every star, in every breeze a song.
Sweet music fills the world abroad with strains of love and power;
The stormy sea sings praise to God, the thunder and the shower.

To God the tribes of ocean cry, and birds upon the wing;
To God the powers that dwell on high their tuneful tribute bring.
Like them, let us the throne surround, with them loud chorus raise,
While instruments of loftier sound assist our feeble praise.

Great God, to Thee we consecrate our voices and our skill;
We bid the pealing organ wait to speak alone Thy will.
Lord, while the music round us floats may earth born passions die;
O grant its rich and swelling notes may lift our souls on high!

there is a great site with many Christian hymns, history and actual will find it here..its called the Cyber Hymnal.....enjoy!