Friday, January 25, 2008

Rainy Friday Musings

It never rains in Southern California? Well, that's not exactly true...we've had a good rain storm for several days now and our little Lazy Creek is full.....everything is soggy and wet...what a blessing! Rain here is looked forward to as we've been in a drought for several years......

The local water authority wants to put a moratorium on any new building because of the water shortage....this may be a good thing as there are so many homes empty right now, for sale and would bring our property values up some if there were not any new homes for a year or so...even things out a little..

In our locksmith business...we've been getting calls this last month from home buyers who are closing escrows soon. That is good news and a small indication that our housing crisis might be coming to a close...I hope so. Great time to buy..bad time to sell......we'd like to get a different home...with more acreage but not now as we couldn't sell our house for even what we paid for it.....

I would like about two acres or to get a dog, have more fruit trees,...a pond, garden, etc....maybe even have a chicken coop.....a dream for now..we have a big yard now...our property is on a 10,000+ sq. ft lot. and we do have fruit trees and a rose garden with an arbor, large covered patio...I will be happy if we can keep this home ...we need more business!
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