Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Few More

Here are two more images...the young cowboy is a cousin of my mother's in Montana around 1930 or so...the family photo is of my great grandmother, her son, (my grandpa) who is holding his grandchild (my cousin) and her mother (my aunt)...its a generation type photo..probably taken in the early 1940s...I never knew my great grandmother but she looks not a little scary to me...I do have two quilts she made...made with feed sacks and dress materials...Grandpa was a great man, I have written about him before in previous posts..he had a hard life and a fiery temper never wanted to cross him if you could help it...lived to be aunt is still living and is about 95 now in a rest home...she is a real sweetie and my cousin is in her 60s with great grandchildren of her own..