Thursday, January 24, 2013


Been some time since I last posted, the days seem to be filled with housework, and listing on Ebay, playing with our grandson and getting ready for planting this spring. I did manage to plant some potato and onion sets while it was warm this last week, and wouldn't you know it, a storm came in yesterday. No freezing weather though so I think all will be well.

The above is one of the postcards I have listed on Ebay. I really like the German cards, they are so beautiful, little works of art. The above one is German, is embossed and has gold really is much prettier than the photo.


My second favorite are these photographic type valentines, so sweet and romantic. From the dress, its an early one...the gentleman looks alot like my grandfather..

Do you see what I mean?
This is him around 1905.
I love collecting postcards. Its a fun hobby, they don't cost much and store easily. Don't take up alot of room. Some we've collected have gone up in value.We've collected quite a few from Alan's home town of Independence, Iowa. These have gone up a bit from when we first got them. We're not selling those at this time.

If you'd like to see what I have listed, you can find them  here  If you've thought about starting a collection, there are many themes for you to consider. Some like to collect holidays, others a certain area like their home town, or perhaps animals like cats or dogs.
Also worlds fairs, zoos, political postcards, the list goes on, whatever you are interested in.
I've been thinking of branching out and making a album of postcards on Old California. I have 3 right now,  Valentine,  Christmas and then the Independence one.