Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Solar Panels and Valentines

We finally got our solar panels running...here is a portion of them on the back side of our house...we have a total of 27 panels and its so much fun watching the meter go backwards! It took time as we had to get it all inspected by the solar people, the electric company and the city. The city took the longest as they're backlogged but it came through and last week, we have solar! Just in time as the electric company is raising their rates at the end of the month.
What is the nicest is that we'll be paying a set fee every month, not this up and down depending on the weather. Its been a cold winter so far. Our average night time temperature is around 25 degrees! and the days have been in the low 50s. 

Here is a recent photo of Jayden, he's 18 months old and growing so fast..he says over 100 words and is very smart, at least we think so. He loves books, not TV. He has a stack of board books he loves and also regular books which we keep up. He will ask for those from where they are stored. His favorite books  are about cars and dogs. We have one book called Go Dog Go where dogs drive around in cars which is his absolute favorite. I think I have it about memorized as we've read it so many times!

Lastly, I listed some of my vintage valentine postcards on Ebay this week.

You can find this one and 9 more at China Lake Auctions..these are all very old, just about antiques as most of them are 100 years old or close to it.

Almost forgot to post a photo of the pillow top I have just mailed off to Nancy. This is for her daughter...

It wasn't quite finished when I took the photo, but you can get the idea. The fabric is a Civil War reproduction and I think its little hearts. The light area around the Welcome is called Fabric Solvy and you print on it, stick it to the fabric, do your stitching and then wash it out with some cool water. It works wonderfully! I get it online at Bird Brain Designs.