Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday in My Neck of the Woods

I know I mentioned some time ago that I was stitching a pillowtop for Nancy Huggins daughter as a birthday present. I sent the top to Nancy and she made this wonderful pillow out of it...what do you think?

The fabric is a Civil War reproduction fabric and the vintage graphic I got from PrimRose Design. I think it turned out nice.
I'm not stitching as much as I used to as its awfully difficult with our grandson running around the house. He's at that age if you know what I mean. I started some towels but its hit and miss most of the time.

We were fairly busy this week doing escrow re keys which is nice..much nicer than foreclosures as people are actually moving into their new home. All of these have been anywhere from 40 to 80 miles from home in San Diego County. We got up really early this morning for another type of job, a foreclosure, again in S. D. county. Got at the house at 7 in the morning and got it re keyed for Fannie Mae. We were finished before 8!

and last but not least,,a few funnies