Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday and 2013 Changes

Happy Sunday morning!
I'm getting over a head cold, and its breaking up today. You all know what that means so am staying away from the baby, with all my coughing/and congestion.  As the grandma, I have that luxury, if you can call it that.

 I am planning on baking a cake today, as its my husbands birthday, guess I'll do it when Jayden takes a nap which should be soon. Alan always gets a little short changed on his birthday being its only a few days after Christmas. The kids are planning on making him his favorite, lasagna for dinner ending with chocolate birthday cake.

Did I say, that I will be getting my social security this year starting at the end of April? My! I are getting old! But its a good thing as with our combined income then, things will be alot easier for us. There will not be the critical worry about paying bills and putting food on the table we've had for the last 7 years since we started this adventure of self-employment.

We will still work though, at least part time to make life more comfortable. We both enjoy the travel. Locksmithing is not labor intensive. We have several regular accounts with real estate agents that we've worked with for several years who count on us.
I'm concentrating on more online sales also which we may go to completely as we get older.
Right now I am having a clearance sale in my Etsy shop and have reduced everything from 20 to 50% of what it was. Trying to clear out a few things. I would mention everything I offer is USA made, mostly from the 1930s -70s.
I have for sale most of the pink depression glass collection I saved through the years. My kids are not interested in it so it needs to go..
 This is the Cherry Blossom platter I have plus have 4 matching dinner plates. As far as I can tell, these are the real deal and not reproduction. You can find these and alot more in my shop Inspiration Memories 

 As you may know, I do embroidery also and have another shop called Sweet Home Stitchery, however sales there have dropped and I've just about decided to close it. Embroidery and other crafting will become my hobby rather than income. I do love handcrafted things as you know and am open to swaps of any kind. I will be embroidering for family and friends. Right now I am working on a pillow top for Nancy Huggins as a gift to her daughter for her birthday. I will share a photo when its finished. I did alot of work on it yesterday while watching the Raiders of the Lost Ark trilogy on TV yesterday. 
I'm making it a little different, using civil war reproduction fabric.

That are some of the changes coming this year. God is working and is faithful in these trying times as we trust in Him. I'm going to end this post with Alan's favorite song sung by George Beverly Shea