Monday, September 10, 2012

Depression Glass, Computers and Fall

wow, hard to believe but I haven't posted in quite a while.....I've had computer problems and also a terrible cold that has lasted far longer than I would have thought.

 My computer is a dinosaur and has zero lots of problems. We've been looking at new ones and I am saving up for one we picked out. I have about half the money right now which is good....We don't use credit cards any more and buy things the old fashioned way like my parents (and probably yours) saving. Its kinda fun!

I'm selling some of my Depression glass that I've collected for years and years. Its all packed up in boxes and not doing me any good...time for it to move on.....I know the kids don't appreciate it so it should go to someone who  enjoys vintage....

This pretty bowl looks so nice filled with  cranberry salad for the holidays....
Sold! Thank you!

I've also listed this wonderful platter,..this is Cherry Blossom from Jeannette Glass made in the 1930s....I don't have them listed yet but do have a Cherry Blossom sugar and creamer, plus a cake plate.
You can find these in my Etsy shop, Inspiration Memories. More photos too. All proceeds go to for the new computer. Because of a comment, I'm now taking credit cards in my shop...will make it easier for my shoppers.

Our weather here in inland Southern California is still hot...but we can tell the season is changing. The sun is setting earlier and the nights are cooler. We've had some unusual rain storms several times in the last few weeks. It showered yesterday quite hard and its predicted it will rain again today. Our rainy season is in the winter, December through May usually.I love fall and am looking forward to going again to Oak Glen and apples! As you know, I love to bake and am looking forward to that again. I haven't baked much this summer as its been just too hot.

Our neighbor got his solar panels up this last week. He's the one who told us about the great solar plan...ours will come around the first of October or so. It was fun watching the workers on his roof, a preview of what is to come. It took them two days to install them. If you live in Southern California and are reading this....look at my previous post about solar panels and how you can get them without spending a penny. Its a great program!