Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Chat

My computer will not let me download any photos ...sadness as I was going to list more glass in my Etsy shop. I took photos of several more plates, a large vegetable bowl, sugar/creamer and a cute little pink ring holder but alas. Guess I will have to wait until we get the new computer. Evidently it would cost almost as much for a new one as getting this one fixed.
Amazing how dependent we are now on computers. I remember not so long ago, they were a novelty. We had a  Apple when the kids were small and I remember the cute little educational games we would play. Does anyone remember "Spelling Jungle?" and "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?" Now only did the boys enjoy the games but I did too. I played "Civilization" quite a bit and also "Oregon Trail".  Now everything seems to be online, although I do think you can still get some of those games in a new version.

I found out from a friend that Facebook tracts your activity and even when you are not on FB. To stop that from happening, is rather easy if you use FireFox...just go up to Tools, click on options, click on will see a box that says "tell websites I don't want to be tracked," click the box, then click on the box so that Firefox won't save your history...there, you've done it.

We're planning on going up to Apple Country soon, Oak Glen. Here are a few photos of the last time we were up there, which was last has snowed and we had a wonderful day.

Oak Glen and Los Rios Ranch is only about 45 minute drive from here, and yet, you feel like you've been on vacation. The mountain air is crisp and clean, no crowds, and very peaceful. They do get busy on the weekends though but we like to go during the week.

Los Rios Ranch has some of the best pulled pork sandwiches I've ever tasted too. They grill the meat outside and the scent is wonderful. The store photos above are from Los Rios Ranch.