Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Solar Panels, and Toys

This month is really going by..can hardly believe its almost over soon. Been a very hot one for us and we are SO looking forward to cooler weather...this morning, I woke up early and saw the sky was covered with gray clouds....and a little cooler.

About 10 days ago, we signed the paperwork for our solar panels. It will be about 6 weeks for them to begin construction. There are 45 people ahead of us so we are on the waiting list.  When they go on, our house  will be  65% solar and 45% electricity until we can upgrade our electrical panel which we fully intend on doing ASAP. Our electric panel is on the small side. When we get the larger panel, our usage will be 90% solar and only 10% from the electric company. If you are reading this, and live in Southern California, you too can go solar with no cost to you. The solar company puts in the panels, takes care of all the city and state paperwork, also maintains the panels. You just pay them a set rate for your power, at a much lower rate than the electric company. Our bill will go from around $225 to $125 and that is a set rate no matter how much you use. California Edison is set to increase rates next year and again in 2014..up to 28%. The solar company has a A+ rating with  Better Business. I couldn't find any online complaints either.

Our little Jayden (our grandson) is now taking his first steps...I don't have a photo yet of him standing on his own but last night he walked about 5 ft all by himself. He had a nice birthday, actually two little parties...with lots of gifts which he is enjoying..the kids took photos and I will try to get some to post later. He really likes balls, and has all different types from large beach type balls to  smaller ones...we got him a Ball Popper for his birthday which he loves.....

Alan ordered it on Amazon....its so cute, plays different tunes, the balls go around and pop out the top, then roll down the shoot to start over again...he loves it.

 I also ordered him a nice little handmade wooden car to play with from a Etsy seller.....and plan on ordered several more when he's older...Wisconsin Wood Chuck...this gentleman has so many wonderful handmade wooden toys...hope you check out his shop when you get the chance. His shipping is fast also...
That is about all for today.....I am still doing embroidery and working on several things but that will be for another day. Keep cool everyone!