Thursday, September 13, 2012

Huggins Haven

Nancy Huggings has opened up her own Etsy shop...its called Huggins Haven and is busy listing many of her nice creations and vintage items...hope you will visit and give her a warm welcome...she will really be surprised if she gets more followers there today and what a blessing that would be for her and an encouragement!

I snagged a few of the items she has listed....this little fall pillow is so colorful. its still hot here, today is supposed to be 100 degrees...but I'm dreaming of fall and can't come fast enough,

This Halloween Trick or Treat bag is such a good idea..we do love the little ones at Halloween with their cute princess and warrior costumes...little bags like these would be wonderful for them to carry, something they would use time and time again...much better than a plastic bag. It  even has a inner pocket for the needed light stick..

So please check her things out and I know she's planning on listing more in the coming days so check back. So check out Huggins Haven