Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday, plants, baseball and baking

I can't believe its been over a week since I last posted...time just goes by too too fast....the above photo is of the lantanas we planted..we put some rocks around them so the dogs won't bother the new plants....they'll look nice when they get larger and should fill up most of the space eventually. Butterflies really like them.
These are called Joey's Paws and are native to Australia....hummingbirds love them and they will spread out also with  time....

Saturday, our son took us out to the ball game....we went to Diamond Stadium in Lake Elsinore which is the AAA team of the Padres, the Storm. It was a fun evening, there were about 7,000 people but it didn't seem too crowded.
The Storms mascot is a big green dog called Thunder...there he is, being catcher before the game....
what I especially like about AAA teams as the players seem to have alot of fun and play for the love of the game...they haven't "arrived" yet.
It started out slow, they played against a team from Lancaster, Ca called the Jethawks. They are a good team also so it made for an exciting game, the last few innings the Storm was tied with them until the last when they (at the last minute) got the winning run.
The crowd got fired up when this character came onto the field waving a huge Storm flag..I don't know what his name was...but he got the crowd really going..we managed to one photo of him as he strode across the dugout roof...waving the flag....and encouraging the crowd.
As you can see, he's dressed in a military style uniform and has a booming voice.....
We all had a very good time...and think we'll go again as it isn't more money than going to the movies.
I've always liked baseball, and we both used to go to Padre games often. Both the boys were in Little League, Alan was a coach and our older son was a referee. Those were sweet times and I hope the boys remember them for years to come.

Our weather has been rather warm, its definitely summer. Most days are in the high 80s and mid 90s. Not my favorite time of year but it hasn't been bad so far. Only one day did it get hotter. When we first moved here, most summer days were in the low to mid 100s so it has cooled down somewhat.
I've been baking zucchini bread early in the morning as we have been harvesting loads of squash. Both regular and sugar free. Today I found two HUGE zucchini's so will be baking again tomorrow morning. It will be nice to have loaves in the freezer this fall. Finding big zucchini's is always a surprise as I thought we were pretty good about checking the plant every day..I do and so does my DIL.....she was as surprised as I was to find them. I'll share a photo of them tomorrow.

and remember....