Friday, June 1, 2012

Clearance Sale

I'm having a clearance sale in my Etsy shop...all items are all half price.....50% off with the coupon code of 63012...half price on towels, tags, and everything else....this will be through the end of June....
here's the link....Sweet Home Stitchery

Our summer weather is here, and its been in the 90s this week....of course the tomatoes love the warmer temps and are going ripe tomatoes yet but it will be any day now and I, for one can hardly wait.....lots of summer squash and we haven't got tired of squash yet...
our favorite way to have it is scrambled with eggs....a easy dish, which is good for any time of day, especially when its hot outside. I just cook the sliced squash until its brown and tender, then whip up some eggs and pour over the squash, moving the mixture around the pan until the eggs are done. Sometimes I will add a little grated cheese on top and some sliced tomatoes. Good with a salad and tasty. You can use any kind of summer squash. 

.I'm thinking of planting some winter squash when it plays out....personally, I like acorn squash...a smaller size and yummy...and we can grow squash until after the holidays here.