Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Happy Accident, Jayden report, and Losing a Friend

A happy accident...we planted this lantana plant several years ago, and thought it had died....put some large rocks with the solar light, when low and behold! It made its way around the rocks and is doing quite well as you can see.....These are in our front planting area.
our tortoise seems to like it...he is as big as a Galapagos tortoise..and quite heavy.....this year I was able to get some succulent starts so they are in pots here and there, all doing well.
We are fast coming into summer....and been harvesting green beans, zucchini and yellow crookneck squash.....I've been steaming the beans and putting them into our green salads...also harvested the last of the leaf lettuce as it was almost at the bolting stage and needed to be finished off for the summer.....yummy salads and we are still waiting for the ripening of the tomatoes....I will miss the lettuce but will plant more towards the fall as it cools off.
Jayden is very active and is eating more solid food...
he had just finished munching on some Cherrios, a favorite treat. He chatters constantly and can say Mama and Da Da cute..won't be long until he's walking. He will be a year old on August 15th....a  year for our grandson! can hardly believe it.

I wanted to mention that a wonderful husband and a man of God, Skip Buhl has passed on .....Linda Sue Buhl has the blog,  Buhl-a-land..he had been suffering for some time and the Lord took him home this morning. Please pray for Linda and the family. They requested no flowers but any donations to Samaritans Purse to help children in was Skips request.