Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jayden Report

Jayden is growing by leaps and bounds...he is 7 weeks old now and weighs about 12 lbs..he can already lift his head fairly well and is trying to roll over...and has taken to smiling at far, I haven't been able to get a photo of his smile...this is the best and of course, its out of focus...but in time, we will get that delightful smile...he's making more sounds too..

Here he is with his mom...we had a little scare the other night..after his bath, he turned very pale and went limp..the kids tried calling the doctor but couldn't get through so they took him to the time they got there, he had recovered but the doctors did alot of tests anyway..took an Xray..evidently he was congested and stopped breathing for a short time...scary....he now sleeps with a humidifier in the room and his cold is clearing.....he's no worse for wear but we all were a wreck...lots of prayers that night!