Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home Thursday

We started out very early this morning as we had 6 jobs today...all the way from Escondido to Spring Valley...made for a long day of driving...and very profitable...the interesting thing is that last year, we were busy with foreclosures and this year its with escrow re keys.....meaning more people are buying homes now which is a good is a good time to buy...
 Today we ran the gamut  from a wreck of a house to a beautiful condo in a upscale neighborhood.

I have learned over the last few years, it doesn't really matter what your house looks like on the outside...a tiny cottage, or a affluent mansion...a log cabin or a mobile  home....a duplex or a mountain retreat..a apartment or a 50s ranch house...they are all just boxes...its what  goes on inside which makes the difference.

Home is where friendships are formed and families are grown;
where joy is shared and true love is known;
where memories are made and seeds of life are sown.
This is the place . . . that people call HOME.

We came home to the dishes all put away and the carpet vaccumed.....all in all a great day!