Saturday, October 15, 2011

Different Forms of Government and Thoughts

With small groups now taking over Wall Street and other cities.....I've like perhaps you, been reading and looking on, and I must say, I am not one of the 99% that that they claim...they seem to be made up of 3 groups..the hardline socialist/communist crowd, young college age people, and the "hippy", street people, so I thought I'd put up this good educational video....what is really eye opening is the comments I read from the college age young people...they have really been wrongly educated and have a distorted view of government and history...all of this can be laid at the feet of the college professors who have never been in the real world or had a real job. I think this type of "education" starts in high school and continues through college...

When our youngest son was a senior, I was helping him with his history class...reading through the book, it was amazing and alarming...there was an entire chapter on the formation of labor unions..another on immigration.and only two pages on the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln.
not only that, but the Constitution was ignored...ignored....of course, there is a reason why California is rated at the bottom of the education scale...40th.
How education has changed was required in 1969 to take a Civics class and an Constitution test in order to get your diploma.

The demonstrators should be at Congress and the White House rather than Wall it was these offices who made the decisions that allowed the bankers to make obscene amounts of money. Bankers are always going to go for the bottom line..that the nature of banks..remember "Its a Wonderful Life"? and the banker. Mr. Potter? We are a nation of laws. Laws that control such people. Where are laws made? there ya go....

I've seen about 6 of the videos these young people have posted..they've run up student loan debt/ credit card debit and are blaming the banks rather than taking responsibility of their own sounds like their parents didn't do a good job teaching these children good work ethics and personal responsibility. They are being used by the socialist/communist crowd as useful idiots.

I also saw a interview with a young woman who wanted us to go to something she called "primitivism"...she described it was a hunter/gatherer society. Not realizing that millions of people would die in such a society now..when she was asked that question, she answered "we all will die sometime". I don't think she knew what she was saying, as women in that type of society work from morning until night in constant drudgery. I'd give her a week.

I don't know where this is all going...nor does anyone else...perhaps when winter comes, everyone will go home and it will fizzle can only hope there will be no violence. I also wonder how many of these people will do the one thing that will really make a difference...and vote.