Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thoughts on a Tuesday

I'm downsizing and selling a few things on my other blog...this miniature cream and sugar set is really cute and in perfect condition....trimmed in 22 kt. gold....only about 2 inches across....I also have alot of pink Depression glass I collected when I was a young bride...Depression glass is popular..what I especially like about it as its still quite usable......I just don't use pink  any more.
This large bowl is perfect..has little feet on the bottom....very useful for serving...I like the ruffled look...although I have several Depression glass identification books...I haven't found what pattern and maker this is yet so if you do, please let me know....it measures about 10" across....
I have more, but am having a problem finding the perfect place for photos....something I am working on....

Today we are having another rain storm...mild but wet....very unusual for us as our official rainy season is over..the garden is growing like crazy so the plants like it..we've had to tie up all the tomato plants 3 times so far in just two weeks as they are growing so fast. Lots of tiny green ones so it won't be long and I am hope we get more sunny days so they will ripen properly. We're so looking forward to biting into the first ripe tomato!
There are several tiny zucchini and yellow crook neck squash ...the beans are doing well too..so far no disease or bug problems..Thanking God for good fresh garden grown vegetables....talking to neighbors, I don't think they realize how much better vegetables taste grown in your own garden....plus these are all organic..no sprays or poisons used....and we are turning more and more to  heirloom plants..not genetically modified (GM)....I've been thinking about why our nation has become so heavy and sick.Its probably due to several factors....I am very susipious of GM plants....plus have a growing dislike for most meats as there are so many hormones and antibiotics being fed to cattle, and pigs....organic meat is rather expensive so I am tryng to do a modified plan....just thoughts at this moment but am sure leaning that way.....what is everyones thoughts on this?