Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday!

wow..I've just been browsing all my favorite blogs..everyone has been so busy now that spring is here....lots of collecting, crafting, gardening and family, what can be better?
Mainly this weekend, we've just done some gardening and I have done ALOT of fact, my index finger got absolutely painful yesterday from the stitching..first time that has happened! Its fine this morning....I did have a productive 3 candle mats done for a customer, and finished two more tea towels....I will stitch the candle mats together today plus get to the store for more floss.....

I am having to delete alot of the old photos as my picasa albums are all if there is anything you want to snag..please do so quickly....I've already deleted about 50 old old photos and graphics...can't believe I have over 1,000 posts!
I did find several cartoons from several years ago that are still current......

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