Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Traveler Returns

Just a short post today...our traveler came home early early this morning...they had driven all night to get home..he called around 7 p.m. and they were almost 200 miles north of San Fransisco....I didn't hear him come in but did hear a racket on the patio...this morning, I found about 10 lbs of beach rocks he had collected, LOL...and some drift wood....he's sacked out now so all is good.....he said he absolutely loves Northern California ..and was very impressed with the Redwoods..I am so happy he went and was able to enjoy the sites.

As  kids, we went through the Northern part of the state while traveling to Spokane, Wa to visit family...lots of good memories both in the summer and winter....we went every year. Most of my cousins live in Oregon and Washington and I have one aunt that lives near San Francisco.
no photos today but I'm sure to have many when I get the camera back...didn't want to disturb him right now to find it.....thanks for the travel prayers.....