Friday, December 10, 2010

Angel Food Ministries, Garage Sales, Garage Construction, oh my!

We have most of our decorating done..its a little chaotic here with the workers pounding, using a compressor, and talking some of the things we had stored in the garage are in our hallways and bedrooms..the weather has just been too wet at times to leave them outside.....Alan got a large tarp and covered up his shelving on the side of the house, away from the noise and construction.

I have kept the living room area free of clutter so we have a peaceful place to relax. No gas right now as the gas lines go through the garage so no stove, or hot water but that's very should be restored today. The contractor suggested for us to go to a motel but after  60 days in one, we declined..I'd rather camp out as we are doing....we have the microwave, electric grill, a small electric oven so we are good to go....its gotten warmer so we haven't needed the furnace on...

Yesterday, we went to garage sales...I found a wonderful new bread machine! We'd be looking for one at various stores but they are really expensive, well over $100....I found one for only $25.00, it was new. The older gentleman who was selling it said he "had" to have it but then never used even have all the recipe books in it...I was so delighted, went home and made a loaf of bread! We've made our own bread for years and I've gone through (worn out) two machines so this makes our third one...Alan has had a hard time finding store brand breads that are sugar free...we also found some DVDs we'd been eyeing...Inspector Morse mysteries. for only $4.00 for each season...and some other BBC mysteries that we like.....I feel like we already had our Christmas, huh?

If you've never heard of Angel Food ministries....I wanted to mention it...many people are suffering this holiday season, what with loss of jobs, loss of  homes, etc....or struggling like we are at times financially...anyway..this ministry is wonderful, its non-profit and you can order good wholesome food at low cost....each month there are several choices to pick from with the boxes ranging from about $21 to $41. You pick them up at various churches and organizations and order them embarrassing questions or income requirements..its on the honor system. You can also donate to help suffering  military families and they've started a ministry to help hungry children....I can't think of a more worthy charity this year. So if you are reading this, please check out the site....
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