Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Clothes Pin Wreath

I spent today doing more cleaning up and taking down the Christmas decorations...the tree will stay up until New Years but much of the other decor is back to normal...here is the clothes pin wreath..this will go in our laundry room after the repair work is done...I used a large old embroidery hoop for the base.

I think it would look better if I can find some tiny wooden clothes pins...and trim not only the clothes line but the raffia bow too.....you know me, always got to be making something....

They finished the soda blasting yesterday....guess the insurance wouldn't go for the dry ice...but it sure left a mess....the workers cleaned up but there is still soda everywhere....especially on the side of the house where we had stored a few things...our big screen TV was covered with dust, even though we had put a tarp over it....
Alan has been working steadily yesterday and today...and has 4 jobs tomorrow in San Diego county so I might tag along.....its supposed to rain  and be cold, below freezing tonight so we brought our son's dog into the garage for the night, and gave him a old sleeping bag to snuggle up into. He looks so cute with just his head sticking out of it and it keeps him really warm.
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