Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Snow and Happy New Year!

We got a wonderful surprise for the first of the year...snow!

   It hasn't snowed here in around 10 years so its not a usual occurance. There was a very cold arctic front that came down from Canada that dropped rain and snow in our area.

 Here are a few photos

This photo was taken from some dear friends of ours who live in the neighboring town of Wildomar.

This is in the rural area of Menifee..up in the hills...I don't think the palm trees knew quite what to think! We took our grandson up there to play in the snow and he didn't appreciate the cold factor.

Of course, he ran right back to the car once the photo was taken and I don't blame him. We're really not prepared for the cold stuff. He wanted to go so badly to see it but I don't think he realized how cold it was.