Saturday, January 3, 2015

Crafting Friends!

I haven't mentioned this before but two friends of mine, Lynn Simmons who lives in Texas and Nancy Huggings who lives in Wisconsin, plus myself ,a Californian have teamed together to form a group called Crafting Friends Trio and we now have a public site on Facebook and will also have a blog together very soon. 

Lynn makes the most interesting and lovely quilts, market bags and handbags. She specializes in memory quilts which consist of a loved ones clothing ...

Here is one of her latest...mostly made from Tshirts...

I wish something like this was possible back in the 70s when my dad passed away. It would be wonderful to have such a remembrance to pass down.
California has now outlawed plastic grocery bags so in a very few months when the law goes into effect, I'll  be using some of her market bags for groceries. I have two now but know I'll have to order more.

                         She can make them in other colors and fabrics. I'm partial to denim.
In a day or so, I'll show you the wonderful soaps and bath salts that Nancy has been making. and here are my latest stitching..