Monday, December 8, 2014


Sorry I haven't posted more. My husband Alan has been rather ill with his diabetes. We've had to go to the ER twice in the last 10 days as his blood sugar got so low overnight that he suffered from hypoglycemia. He didn't recognize me or any of the family and was acting extremely strange. He refused any help like orange juice so I had to call 911 twice. The paramedics were wonderful and so was the ER doctors. It was rather amazing to see him be himself again with only a little glucose.
(Since the last episode, I bought some emergency glucose just in case.)

I've been getting up in the night at least every few hours to help him check his blood sugar levels and helped him so he wouldn't get too low and have repeat symptoms. We go to the doctor today and I'm praying (asking for prayer please) that the doctor can help. It could be the insulin levels that he's been taking.  The doctor had prescribed a higher dosage so it could be too much for him.

I wanted to share a wonderful Diabetic site with you that  funds diabetic research. Its called Diabetic Awareness  and has tons of nice items (Christmas?) that helps fund research so a cure can be reached one day.

I love this polar fleece jacket on the site and this is just one example of what they offer.

Hope you're getting ready for Christmas and the holidays. I've not decorated much yet with the health problems here but hopefully this week will be different.