Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Some Thanksgiving Vintage Postcards

As you may know, I collect vintage postcards occasionally and just love the old graphics. I thought I'd share a few with you today and wish you all a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving. 

As I type this, the turkey is thawing and I've checked to make sure we have everything for a nice meal on Thursday. I have two pies in the works, and have gathered everything to make them, probably tomorrow. A nice pumpkin and also an apple pie, both from scratch. On the menu is turkey of course, mashed potatoes, plenty of gravy (our oldest son's favorite), the class green bean casserole (also his favorite) candied sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts (our favorite), assorted relishes, rolls and of course, pie for dessert. 

I'm so thankful that the Lord has provided for us this year as its been a struggle at times. Actually, the last few years have been the same, and God has always come through for us. A life of faith isn't easy but very fulfilling on many levels. 

I also wanted to share this podcast on the first Thanksgiving. I found it very informative and interesting..


well, evidently you will have to paste the above address to listen to this...but again, well worth it!

Happy Thanksgiving!