Saturday, November 1, 2014

Emma Grace

Our grand daughter, Emma Grace came over on Halloween,,isn't she a doll? Her mama even put glitter in her hair and her shoes had glitter also..a little princess for sure.

She's 18 months and such a cutie!

She had alot of fun for her first Halloween and our grandson Jayden did also. I didn't get a photo of him in his costume, he went as a Medic. His dad took him around and was dressed as a giant yellow banana.

We weren't going to give out candy this year due to financial issues but our son came home from the grocery story with several bags so we went ahead and had fun ourselves giving out it out to all the kids. We had around 40 Trick or Treaters.  Jayden did the neighborhood early and then came home to help give out candy. I think he enjoyed doing that as much as he did trick or treating.

Today he sat sorting out his candy hoard and eating his fill. We both figured it was ok once a year to indulge and all the sugar didn't seem to effect him. His dad had to go to work right after he walked with Jayden and worked all night  as did his mom so we watched him today until they got their rest. We're both tired tonight after a full day of cartoons and running after a 3 year old! But its a good tired. 

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