Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rain Coming!

Not quite 100% still have a nasty cough but feeling much better. I got alot of wash done yesterday, 4 loads! I hope that will be it for a few days as we expecting storms  today through Saturday. Don't particularity want to be at the laundromat when its pouring down rain.

We watching the local weather report on TV this morning and everyone was delighted to get rain but worried about mud slides and traffic. Californians, especially Southern  Californians seem to ignore the fact the road is wet and slippery. Especially the first rains usually bring up oil on the roads.

This morning I re opened my Sweet Home Stitchery Etsy shop and listed two cards. That's all, just two but its a start. My camera is giving me fits on taking close ups so that problem will have to be resolved somehow. I also posted on the other blog by the same name and you can click the link on the left side of this one to read it.

Sunday we went down to Oceanside, and after rekeying a condo, Alan took me out to the Eternal Hills Cemetery to visit my parents grave site. That was a blessing as I'd wanted to visit in some time.
The stone was covered with grass so we were able to clean it all off and add flowers. I want to get American and Marine Corp flags next time.

I hope we can get down there more often to keep it up. Its on a hillside and under a large pine tree so its always in the shade which is kinda nice. But the crab grass makes runners over the stone often and the gardeners neglect it.
Other good news is that I checked our business on Google and we're on the front page! I wondered why we're getting more local calls and was delighted. We're the only Mom and Pop locksmith business in the area which customers seem to appreciate.