Monday, February 10, 2014

Candle Holders and a Sheriffs Lock Out

I listed these Boopie candle holders in my Etsy store yesterday. They're really pretty and look so nice on my table, I almost didn't list them. They were made by Anchor Hocking back in the 50s or so, its hard to know the exact date. You can use them this way, with taper candles or this way with votive ones.

I found these at an estate sale and fell in love with them. They really sparkle and are quite nice. I go into more detail in the description in my Inspiration Memories shop. I only list things I really like, thinking others will too.

Last week we had a sheriff's lock out which is always a little nerve racking. Alan is always nervous picking the front door as you never know what or who is behind it.  A couple of years ago, in Arizona, a sheriff and locksmith were killed by a owner who didn't want to leave his condo. Now they always send two sheriffs out to do the job.

Here's Alan going up to the front door when the sheriffs called him to go forward,

Usually the tenant or owner has already left but in the case, they hadn't left yet but quickly got in their car with bags of clothes and left when ordered to leave. This is a rental house and I guess they'd been squatting from what the rental manager told us. The house was in good condition with just a few odds and ends left in the garage.
We both prayed before the sheriffs got there that Alan wouldn't have any trouble getting the doors open and God answered our prayers. One of the easiest jobs we've had!