Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Printables and Embroidery

This is the time of year, I start thinking about the holidays, and Christmas of course. As we are on a limited budget, I've had to put my thinking cap on. One thing I decided to do was include a small gift in my cards. I don't plan on sending very many but I want the ones I send to be special. I'm thinking of making some stitched cards but don't know if I'll have time but I do have time to make these which are super easy to do. Actually, someone else has already made them up and all you have to do is cut them out.
The website is Ewe-N-Me Printables   Right now they have a sale going on, and for only a small fee, you can download cocoa-treat envelopes..all you do is print them, fold them according to the directions and insert a cocoa pack or other little treat. Slip this in with your card and you're done.

They also have tea envelopes, popcorn envelopes, calendars, bookmarks, candy bar wrappers and many more paper items. I hope you will check it out as I'm sure you'll find something you can use. I ordered some tea bag envelopes and got the download super fast. I highly recommend this site.

I'm working on a cheater quilt top with vintage farm animals. I'm doing all in blue. Jayden loves it already and can name all the animals on the quilt. Here is a sneak peek...

I'm planning on quilting it when its finished. There are 12 animals total. It was sent to me and it sat quite a while in my sewing cabinet but finally I thought I'd better get it done! One of those UFO projects, thinking this next year should be my year to get everything that has been half done finished!