Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Little More

Thanks for all the comments. I sure am praying for our country. Having done alot of genealogy, my family ancestors would be appalled at where our country is today as would be yours, I'm sure. We go to many veterans graves for Find A Grave and remember the sacrifices they gave, only to have our own President shut off benefits, close commissaries, forbid Catholic clergy for celebrating mass  and elderly veterans from seeing their own monuments.

Lets pray that the Lord softens the Presidents heart and he will be willing to bend a bit. The republicans have sent a bill affirming everything in the budget, even health care, just setting back the individual mandate for one year. This seems prudent to me, as its not up and running well at this time anyway. If people want to sign up early, they can. The bill hasn't made it to the Senate floor and sits on Harry Reid's desk. This would probably end the stalemate. Although I have heard the President threatened to veto the bill.
We desperately need our Congress to live within their means, get our deficit down, and quit spending money we don't have. I know we need to stop increasing our credit limit but I don't think this will work at the current time. Not when they close the WWII Memorial and give Sesame Street $450,000,000.
Enough said.

On the home front, we've been working on Find A Grave projects,and  going through old photos, trying to get things organized. Alan's got boxes and boxes of photos he's take over the years. He's been an avid photographer.

Our weather has cooled off and most days are in the 70s now..very nice weather. Beautiful really and its nice with all the turmoil you hear on the news, and online, to enjoy ones home and backyard, cuddle with your grandchildren and count your blessings.

Here are a few cute cat graphics, enjoy!