Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Books!!! Figs and Stitchery

My son has inherited a whole lot of books...books of all kinds, children's books, cookbooks, mysteries, fiction, how to books, you name it. A good friend of theirs is moving and had a online book business which he handed over so now Don is working on starting one. He's asked me to put some on Ebay so I'll be working on that soon..meanwhile our garage is full of books! They're trying to sort them out. Its difficult as there are so many. A few old children's books caught my eye from the 50s and 60s.
We're also canning and preserving

This is canned fig conserve, the recipe is in my canning and preserving page. Figs, crushed pineapple, lemons and chopped pecans, very yummy! So many figs!!

Still doing stitching also, and working on some fall items such as more of these cute spider candle mats.

also more tags...

I'm working on getting my second Etsy shop back open, Sweet Home Stitchery. I closed it last year as I just couldn't get it together to stitch much with the grandbaby here. I plan on reopening it this fall and filling it with lots of good stuff. 

and lastly a photo of my hometown, Oceanside, Ca
the beach and the pier