Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Civil War site

Oh my gosh!!!
I ran into a wonderful website...its fantastic! many of the photos taken at the time have been destroyed, thankfully many  also been saved...
original photographs from the Civil War   

I knew how devastating the war was but it wasn't until I read "Killing Lincoln" by Bill O'Reilly just how strong the feelings were and also just how many were killed, something like 750 thousand, more than any other war we've ever had. My own family was split up with three brothers for the North and one for the South. This happened quite often from what I've read.
My great grandfather fought in that war and my brother has his Calvary sword. He fought under General Custer and was at many of the major battles. He spoke of being at Appomattox and the soldiers beat their swords on rocks after the signing of the surrender. 
Here we are some 150 years later, and so many don't realize the sacrifices that were taken to insure liberty for everyone as the Constitution promised. Guess schools don't teach this. Hope you will visit the site and it will be a sober reminder. If you have children at home, please share the site with them also, but I want to warn that there are some disturbing photos, not for the very young.
I highly recommend "Killing Lincoln" also. He also has a second children's book called Lincoln's Last Days which is written for 5th graders and up.