Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting Ready

This week has really gone by I got the rest of the presents bought and now to wrap them....would you believe one of my first jobs was working in the gift wrapping department of a major department store? Tomorrow will be spent wrapping, cleaning and getting the last minute things ready for the weekend....
Plan on some baking and candy making too if at all possible.....I wanted something different for Christmas dinner for a fruit salad and found this recipe...Buttermilk Congealed Salad...

This is from the Southern Plate website..the  link and recipe are above...discovered this site on Facebook and its been a new adventure looking at all the wonderful recipes......and great posts...I had heard of congealed salad while reading a novel set in the south one time but never really knew what it I realize it is a jello salad...what I like about it is that it so easily can be a sugar free congealed salad (LOL) the post gives a little  history of why its called congealed so head on over there.....interesting reading!

We got a nice pork loin roast for Christmas dinner and will roast it in the oven with carrots, red potatoes and a green bean casserole (this never lasts) the congealed salad, a large plate of assorted cold vegetables, and fresh rolls...looks like another full house of 7 again like we had at Thanksgiving..guess they all like our cooking..and I say our as Alan loves to cook too! He's in the kitchen almost as much as I am..
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