Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Constitution, Lights and more

Alan and I have been watching and listening to a series of lectures (that are excellent by the way) online by Hillsdale College..its free and has been opening our eyes to our Constitution in a way we haven't experienced before......and we've realized how far the country has gone away from it.....I personally have realized that my ancestors had more freedom than I do today...yes, we have better technology, and creature comforts but pure freedom? Anyway...I wanted to share the link with you, if  you'd like to listen to Dr. Larry Arrnn, Hillsdale College President click here

I started decorating and will soon post a few photos when I get things together a little bit.....Alan bought me the cutest little resin Christmas tree that twirls around with sparkling lights last night....we went shopping, looking for a few lights for outside...our lights were destroyed in the fire last year...were amazed how the stores were picked over already....but did find some multicolored icicle lights on sale.....everyone  here puts up tons of lights....most of the neighborhood sparkles every year so we didn't want to be left out as we were last Christmas after the fire.....

I collect postcards as some of you know and thought I'd share a few this season....
these 3 are quite different from one another
..first a early last century...I think this little girl is just lovely and of course,  you know I love cats..

This next is Father Christmas.

and lastly, a very American Santa....

hope you have a wonderful Thursday!