Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raggedy Jan

Speaking of fall decorating, I just discovered this Etsy seller, Raggedy Jan and her wonderful hand painted items....just love them..I've always admired painters and artists.....she takes ordinary teapots, kettles, old irons, and other things and makes them into works of art....she is a Midwest artist from Missouri.....above is one of my favorites.....her prices are quite reasonable also......with so much of the gifts in the stores coming from China...handmade is the way to go for gifts or for your own home if at all possible......I would love for the handmade movement to spread..

Its taken me a few weeks to get back into stitching...Mrs. Quack's death hit me a little hard...I finished a old project and am working on a few new ones.....our weather is slowly cooling off, although we have had a few hot days yet..but the nights are wonderful, in the 60s....with the cooler weather, you feel like baking, crafting and getting ready for the least I do..