Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday Evening

Can't believe I haven't posted since last Wednesday! Been really busy.....we've been doing alot of gardening and the yard started to show some improvement + doing work inside also....cleaned all the ceilings and ceiling fans which was a hard but worthwhile job....and started cleaning out ours all much nicer!

Alan cleaned out the garage also and so there is alot more room can actually see the floor again.....he also put up extra lights so he can do some woodworking, eventually....I want to get him a scroll saw for Christmas....for puzzles and other things.
Years ago, when we were first married..he made rocking horses like the one above which we sold on consignment...he still has the templates for these...I still think they are rather cute.....with a new grand son, our thoughts are going towards handmade toys and puzzles as he grows....I've also been looking for an old fashioned teddy bear with a windup music box inside...can I find one? no, no one seems to have them anymore.....I had one when I was a baby, both the boys had them too.everything is digital now but I love the soothing sound of a music box....mine had Brahms Lullaby...