Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wonderful News!

We are so happy you may know, we've been falling behind in our mortgage payments....and have been in contact with our mortgage holder...they've been wonderful to us...(hard to believe, right?)..this morning, we got an email saying that we'd been approved for a loan modification! The loan officer called a few minutes later all excited for us.Our loan payment was dropped by almost $500...and we start our new payments in December...we couldn't really believe it at first..but what a wonderful thing....feels like a giant weight is off of us...Yee Haw!

Just goes to show, one should take action if you are behind and make some never know until you try...don't give up! God may open a door for you! There are several programs out there to help....we tried the Keep Your Home California 
but it didn't work for us as our mortgage  holder doesn't take any government help (actually good for them!) but it may work for someone else so I added the link.....there are other government programs in different states....that are similar.
Our weather is getting cooler....still fairly warm during the days though...feels like fall and we are so enjoying it. Planning another trip up to Oak Glen for apples....maybe this weekend in celebration of our good news...our back yard looks bad right now as with the financial weight over our heads and it being so hot, we just didn't have the energy to garden....but as those things are lifting, I'll be out there more clearing out the garden and the flower beds...we also have plans to re stain our fencing...have the stain but not the energy so that will be a fall project too.....maybe I can get the younger adults to help.
Here is the latest of our grandson....he is all of 11 lbs now and a month old....such a cutie!
He loves his grandpa!