Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Here is the latest grandson report...Jayden is growing well...I had to take a photo with him in his cute striped was hard to focus..seemed like he moved every time I snapped a picture...wanted to get him with his eyes open....
We bought him a new stroller..its all terrain and his car seat can fit in it for now...most strollers these days seem to have car seats included which they didn't need..they actually got 5 car seats as gifts!  Later, when he's older, he can use the stroller as is....they used it for the first time last night when they went to the dog park..

I am going to be doing a review of an ebook by the Peaceful Housewife....trying some of her recipes for handmade cleaning products....and will be having a giveaway of the Ebook ..if you'd like to check out her website, its here...her cleaning products are all natural and eco-friendly....scented or unscented....her scents sound so yummy, like Japanese Cherry Blossom and Sun Ripened Fruit. With a new baby in the house, it seems really important to have gentle natural products to clean with. I've tried laundry soap before, which did a good job but her recipe is slightly different so I will let you know....

Our weather is still warm in the high 90s but the nights are getting the 60s now..fall is in the air with the trees starting to drop their leaves....we had a family garden day today with our next door neighbors and their daughter (16) raked our shared front yard and even cleaned the gutters..which was very nice
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