Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Chat

Phew! Are we all ready for fall? I sure am..although our summer so far hasn't been as hot as other years, its been more humid....it actually poured  rain most of yesterday morning....which is highly unusual...and this morning, its only 71 degrees but its 56% humidity..our normal humidity is around 15% or less...from what I've read online..many of you are experiencing unusual weather also...either no rain, or too much rain...hot temperatures...etc.

Our garden looks very sad right now..the heat has taken its toil......with lots of weeds too.....we are rethinking what we will do in the future..and we both think next year (if we get to keep the house that is) we will go completely to raised beds....we are both getting older and its just too hard to keep up with all the weeds..the only plants that look good yet are the tomatoes we grew in pots...all our tomato plants in the ground look sad although we are still getting tomatoes...most of them are small ..too small to can.....more like cherry tomatoes.....great in salads! We've been giving alot away and eating the rest....

Our little grand son should be here any day.....he is full term and ready to be born...so its just a matter of time..the little mama is walking alot, miserable of course  in this heat, eating hot food, etc. trying to encourage labor to start..although she is scared too..please pray everything goes right for her and little Jayden..the doctor says they are both perfectly healthy and Jayden is at a good weight. They were going to move into the trailer but decided its better to stay with us until after the baby is born..which I think is a wise idea.....

I won a giveaway! Was pleasantly surprised yesterday to get an email from the PAFA Etsy team for the Christmas in July giveaway....I won a set of rusty mitten ornies for the tree...and will take a photo when I receive them....as you know, last year we had a fire in our garage and much of our Christmas decor was destroyed so we've had to start over.

I've been deciding what to giveaway for August and think it will be a candle mat.....I will announce the giveaway tomorrow.....listed a few more things in my Etsy shop...and now have a widget which no matter how I tried last night couldn't get it to fit on this blog.....but its on Sweet Home Stitchery....wish I knew more HTML coding to make it fit but then of course, there weren't any computer  classes when I went to college!

I decided to go with the white background on my Etsy shop banner....you can see it here ..thanks for the feedback!