Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hand Embroidery and Etsy

Thanks for the kind comments on the previous post.....I do hand embroidery...love the look and feel of it more than machine, although machine has its place too......back in the 70s, I embroidered mens work shirts for my brother and his friends...may start doing that again if I can find some nice shirts...the ones I see today are usually made in China and not as well put together as in the days of old....I don't have any of my own examples as that was years ago but here is one similar  from the blog, Stitchers Revolution

My little Etsy shop has quite a few of my stitcheries......towels, candle mats and tags for now.....also black work and redwork....
Speaking of Etsy....I've found a artist there that creates the most amazing little creatures...her shop is called Dreamworld Art Designs....she makes custom dog and cat sculptures using needle felting..here is just one example.....you send her a photo of your pet and she will create a likeness..