Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank you for the kind comments..We are still in the hotel.....a little tough with 4 people and 3 cats...but we are making do....we have our phone forwarding to my husbands cell phone and have been busy..lots of foreclosures, 5 today!

The city inspector came today..several trusses in the garage will have to be replaced, new dry wall..garage fully rewired...the restoration company cleaned out the garage and all the bedrooms...they are going to pull up all the carpeting, replace the padding and then have the carpet cleaned...the smoke was up in the attic so all the insulation will be replaced with new duct work...
we lost most of our christmas stuff....our tree and such....most of our canning stuff, pressure canner, water bath canner,  the dehydrator, jars, etc. our shop vac...I am not sure what else.yet...the fire got really hot..it melted the garage door opener.
The firemen told us we did all the right things...kept the smoke/fire contained and got everybody (in this case, the cats and dog) and called them...it could have been alot worse.We are thankful....they think it started with our treadmill....be sure to keep things unplugged!