Monday, May 3, 2010


The guys went to the March field air show yesterday..Alan send me this photo from his cell phone....they had a really good time..our youngest talked to a Air Force don't know how that will work out....he's either going to go to college this fall (already started the enrollment) or join the service...I am hoping the Air Force as we wouldn't worry so much about his safety.....he's really very mechanically talented so it might be a good fit for him...

He's been doing odd jobs, lawn mowing, etc. since he's graduated and knows he has to look toward the future....I've been suggesting either the Air Force or the many of the young men in our neighborhood have gone Army and is being sent to Afghanistan soon..there just isn't much work here for our young people at manufacturing jobs or large corporations..mostly just retail and fast food jobs and they are hard to get...with low pay and no benefits...My brother who is retired Air Force has been encouraging him also but its up to him...please keep him in prayer as he makes some life choices...its  hard for young people especially now.

I also discovered a wonderful website yesterday..maybe I'm late in finding this but in case there are others that don't know and you like paper crafting....please check out