Monday, May 17, 2010


its been almost 2 weeks since the fire...we are still in the hotel....the restoration company has removed all the attic insulation and will be replacing it removing all the old carpet padding and replacing it..then the carpets will be cleaned....tomorrow an engineer is coming by to do blueprints of the new construction. I sure hope they can get things started soon....the insurance company requires two bids so a second engineer is supposed to come out also...
we go by every day and check on everything.....water and weed the garden, take care of the duck and the one cat that is still there...Smoky our son's black cat is very sensitive and wouldn't do well in the hotel....he is happier at home so we just keep him contained when the workers are there.

Please pray for the Lords provision..and thanks so much for the prayers means alot to me knowing my online friends care so much...I am using the hotels computer right now..