Saturday, November 3, 2007


Before I go any farther, another memory came up...during
this time, we went to our annual family reunion and two of my cousins
were there, Susie and Tom..I talked to both of them about
the Lord but Susie was just engaged to a Korean man and was converting
to Buddism. she didn't want to talk about the Lord at all but went on and on
her wonderful man, their life, etc. Tom asked a lot of questions.....and we
really had some good talks, he didn't understand about Jesus dying for our sins,
and being the bridge to God the Father..
after the reunion, we wrote back and forth for months.....he got into some
trouble, nothing serious but it was God nudging him towards Himself..
he wrote me that he had accepted the Lord, was going to church and
bible study...
Year later, when we were married, we drove up to Portland, Oregon where he lived
with his then wife in an old Victorian house..had a great time with them..they were trying
to have a family at the time., went to church with them, a church called Bible Temple.
then years passed again with no word.....I got an email from my aunt saying Tom's
son had died as a young sad...a rare cancer.....Tom was divorced and he
had remarried.
Then out of the blue, he called, wanting to come down and visit us....we met and he
remembered all the letters I had written, said he had kept them all. I found out he
had become a pastor of the same church they had been going to when we visited so
long ago. His first wife didn't want to be a pastor's wife with
the responsibility and had found someone else. He struggled with the divorce, and
went to the congregation. He offered to step down but they loved him and wouldn't
let him...time passed. He met and married a beautiful woman who stands by him in
his ministry. They are true partners
His sister, Susie, was a single mom, with two children, divorced and longer
a Buddhist...she has estranged herself from the family, perhaps ashamed..she
is walking a rocky road.

Two roads....sometimes there are times in life when one is faced with choices that
can follow you all your life...these times come upon us sometimes suddenly and we only
have a second to choose.
Two roads one knows the future, but God who is at the beginning and at the end.
the Alpha and the Omega, the A and the Z.......
"Two roads to choose, the rocky road or the Kings Highway
Choose before the Savior comes
the road to Glory or the rocky one"