Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Engagment and wedding

We were engaged for a year......he didn't have much in the way of material goods, so for an
engagement ring, he gave me his high school class ring which I wore around my neck on
a chain....later, some good friends of ours, took the class ring and Alan's best friends Marine
Corp ring, melted them down and made me a nice gold wedding band.
Speaking of Alan's best friend, his name is Joseph. He was involved in the Royal Palms
ministry with Bob Selby....I had met him at the meetings...he had been gloriously saved.
My best friend Kay whom I have spoken about before started going out with him, and a few months after we were married , they were married......Joseph was Alan's best man and Kay was my maid of honor along with Sandi, who was my matron of honor (she had gotten married to a
military man). Bob Selby ended up marrying Joseph's twin sister, Maria. Joseph's family were Hungarian emmigrants.
During our year, all four of us would go picnicking in the mountains and do other things together. I know once we went to Knotts Berry Farm.
Mom and I prepared for the wedding, Rev. Kingsley married us. My folks were a little worried
about the expense but I have always been the frugal practical sort....it was the time of the
granny dresses and such...Mom and I went into this little boutique and I found the perfect long
granny dress, it was off-white with long sleeves trimmed in heavy white lace, with a white lace
collar...and best of all, it was only $20.00. We had a veil made up and shoes dyed to match the dress.....the colors were burgundy and pink and it was an afternoon wedding. There was a light lunch planned that was catered by a friend of my dads and we did have a photographer. I think the whole wedding probably cost my folks about $600 total.
The cake had three tiers all white with two entwined white doves on the top. The flowers were baby pink roses with burgundy ribbons. They didn't have silk flowers yet or I would have gone that route.
I remember my mom said she wanted to treat me to a day of beauty...I got my long hair done in a up fancy hair do, got my nails done, pedicure, the whole nine yards...I felt like a princess.
We had about 50 guests, many people from the church, friends and family...small by todays
standards but just right for us.......
The wedding progressed fine, my dad was going to walk me down the aisle and I couldn't find him...finally there he was at the back of the church behind a post, watching everything with a
odd look on his face...I whispered, "Dad", he came attention, took my arm and off we went.
When I got up to the front, and turned to Alan, he was in tears......I leaned into him and asked
what was wrong, he whispered, "my mom and dad are here..!" I turned and there they were
on the front pew.....they had flown out from Iowa for a surprise. He hadn't seen them in several
After the wedding, cutting of the cake, photos, etc. we drove over to his little house, now our little house, and changed clothes .
Then we drove up to Santa Barbara for our 3 day honeymoon...that is all the time off we
could get from our jobs. We also went up to Solvang, Ca, a Danish community.
The date? Dec. 1, 1973.
and yes, we are still happily married, as well as Joseph/Kay, and Bob/Maria. We will be celebrating our 34th anniversary very soon.