Friday, November 30, 2007


Thought I'd take a break from the memories....the Christmas season is fast approaching...not a good time for us as this hasn't been a very successful year....Alan lost his job about 13 months ago, tried so hard to find another but with no success..he studied locksmithing and got his license this late summer and has been working for himself (and us) since....its a slow go but every month he makes a little more...this month he passed the $1,000 mark but we need more than that to make ends meet.
I opened my online store in hopes of helping this to be a better holiday and have been working hard to make his work and mine a success.
I have emailed, written and handed out 100s of flyers and business cards for his business and am advertising mine online in google, prim mart and other places in hopes of making sales.....I've always sold on Ebay and have a 100% feedback record but the fees cut into my profit too much. I've prayed about it and hope the Lord will give me the desires of my heart in making a profit doing crafting....if you are reading this, please check out my store on the link on the right.
the journal jars are a neat thing, I think.....sometimes its hard to know how to start a journal and this is a good jumping off place...there are over 100 questions in the is decorating in a primitive style but if someone would like it differently, I can do that too....I could do an all white glittery one or a garden themed one also...just about anything you would want. also the Katt family is a hoot and I can make any type Katt ......I have ideas for a chef Katt and a Christmas Katt too. I do embroidery work also and crochet.
Our youngest son is very stoic and says he doesn't want anything for Christmas as he knows we are financially strapped....he is 16 and a real trooper but I would sure like to get him something..he'd love the PS2 Guitar Hero II game..he has a guitar he paid for himself this year and loves to play. I think he is depressed about the whole situation and doesn't even want us to put up a tree or lights...
Our oldest son who is 19 works full time at a dog rescue place and has for the last almost 2 years...he pays us rent which helps and hasn't asked for anything either, but loves to decorate...he's been putting up lights at the dog rescue as its on a main street through town... good kids.....
both our kids are adopted which I haven't gotten to in the posts, yet...we went through quite a trial trying to have a family which might be helpful for others and I promise to get into it later if anyone is interested.