Thursday, November 8, 2007

Memories Continued

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Well, when I left you, I was working, going to all these meetings, + church on Sundays......
I went to the local community college, then it was called a junior college...I never knew exactly what I wanted to do, thought about teaching or librarian science.....still rather shy but I did run and get on the student body board for a involved in the Christian club on campus, called the Koinonia Klub.......we held prayer meetings once a week and somehow got away with putting up huge posters in the student lounge of scripture illustrated by my dear sister (in spirit), Kay, advertising our club and the meeting times....each week we did a different theme, like
salvation, the creation story, Noah's ark, a lot of attention for sure and controversy...which was a good thing and made for some interesting conversations in the lounge.
I met a lot of different types of people, atheists, veterans, Christian science, hippies, etc.
I think the Lord moved and helped me to become less shy, more self-confident, and grounded in scripture. I've always been a very sensitive, intuitive person, and can relate to others well which
has both helped and hurt me depending on the circumstances.....
I graduated from the community college in 1972, my grades were not the greatest so no scholarships, and not knowing what I really was supposed to do at the time, got a full time job at
the Camp Pendleton PX in the men's department.
Dealing with the military was a no brainer for me, being a Marine Corp brat.....I was very
comfortable and enjoyed helping inventory/order the ribbons and metals for the men.
I was still going to all the meetings but soon things were going to change.....