Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I've always loved sewing, and crafting...my grandmothers on both sides were creative people as well as my mother..my mom and grandma taught me to embroider and my paternal grandmother was the big crafter....she made all sorts of things out of recycled materials...she would gather seeds, pine cones, nuts, etc. and do things with them....she made each family a pine cone wreath which
I still have. I didn't realize until late in her life that she knew all sorts of natural cures, etc. and every herb, weed, plant in the forest that had uses. Come to find out her greatgrandparents had
taught her many old folk remedies when she was a girl.....and they had been born not too much
after the Revolutionary war....can you believe it?

During the 70s at a church we attended, we had a night where crafters got together and taught
each other new things...say you wanted to learn to knit, you could get someone there to show
you how....I learned to knit as no one in my family did that....knit some bedroom slippers....we also
brought along any projects we were working on and did them together...it was fun and
I think now people do similar things with scrapbooking....

I am into the primitive look right now and have made a whole selection of bakery items. Hope
you will take a peak at my auctions and I am thinking seriously about my own website where
I would take orders.....
I also do embroidery and love redwork..crochet, and most general crafts..also like making our
own greeting cards....

Family memories are so important and shouldn't be lost....I started making memory jars. and will have them on my store to order........an easy way to start journaling and I was also thinking if you were giving this is an older person who didn't want to write, you could
have a tape recorder and ask them the questions...later transcribe in in a family journal
would be great with photos, clippings, etc. something that could be passed down.
I have a tape of my grandfather, telling of his early days as a cowboy, his grandparents/
family and the Depression years....